Pre-Ramadan Detox

By Princess R. Lakshman

Pre-Ramadan Detox

Habits form when we repeatedly carry out a behaviour.

Recently, upon introspection and self-reflective journaling, I pointed out some habits that haven’t been serving me well. I’ve made a commitment to change these negative habits and replace them with positive ones.

Today, I’m confessing to these negative habits, taking accountability of these behaviours, and committing to a Pre-Ramadan Detox to re-wire my brain so that I can start behaving better and be completely ready in mind, body, and spirit for the holy month of Ramadan that is fast approaching.

Past few months I have been sleeping late due to my addiction to a certain Netflix show. It’s a fast paced, courtroom/crime thriller. As a result, my sleep quality is poor, my stress levels have increased, my body has signalled pain again and I’ve missed my Fajr (pre-dawn prayer) alarm on numerous occasions. Do I feel terrible about this? OF COURSE!!! Which is precisely why I am publicly admitting to my recent negative pattern.

So, yesterday, I was really bothered about my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I cancelled all my appointments and took a mental health day to rest, recuperate, and re-set. I had a little cry in the shower. Prayed. Journaled. Drank tea. Prayed some more. And drank more tea…but of course.

I have come up with a schedule to help me get back on track and repeatedly perform actions that will hopefully detox me and prepare me for Ramadan. These repeated actions will also become new habits that will serve my holistic health rather than deplete it.

If you’ve been struggling with similar issues and would like support to detox your mind, body and spirit and prepare for Ramadan, please know that you are not alone. Please know that no one is perfect. Please acknowledge your negative patterns and be kind with yourself. You can always make better choices, starting right now.

My Pre-Ramadan Detox Schedule

5AM                    Tahajjud salah

Fajr Athan          Fajr salah

6AM                    Breathing and stretching exercises (following a 30-day FREE program on YouTube so that I can commit to a daily morning routine)

7AM                    Shower and Get Ready

8AM                    Enjoy morning herbal tea while prepping for clients

9AM                    Start work

2PM                     Dhuhr salah, followed by

                             First meal (I practise intermittent fasting 18/6 i.e. 18-hour fast, 6-hour eating window)

5PM                     Asr salah

7PM                     Conclude work

Maghrib salah

8PM                     Put all gadgets away – ZERO SCREEN TIME until next morning

                             Last meal of the day

                             Spend time with family



                             Reflective journaling

Isha salah

10PM                  Lights out – SLEEP

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