Princess R Lakshman

Clinical Nutritionist l Life Coach l Counsellor l Writer l Speaker l Narrative Therapist

Salam! Peace and blessings.

I’m Princess R Lakshman, a degree-qualified clinical nutritionist, writer, speaker, life coach and counsellor. I own Mind Body Healing Hub.

I also founded two platforms where counselling and self-care workshops are provided. Bula Vakasaama, in Fiji, and Muslimah Mind Matters is global.

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Contact details:
Phone: +61451977786          Email:

I live to be of service to others. Allow me to be of service to you.

Live a good life with good thoughts, good words, good food and good deeds. 

We all experience life in our own unique ways. 

Remember, that you are NOT your experiences…you are the FORCE that overcomes them.

Contact details:
Phone: +61451977786              Email:

ABN 47584818071

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