Bula Vakasaama

Breakfast at Fiji One interview

Ni Sa Bula Vinaka

My name is Princess R Lakshman. My goal is to set up FREE mind wellness hubs in Fiji Islands, exclusively for the residents of Fiji.

I was born and raised in Fiji. In my personal journey, I’ve suffered immense mental health issues. 

And now in my life, I have gained lessons, skills, qualifications,  and life experiences that can help me be of service to my own people in Fiji. 

If you wish to donate towards this project, please show your support by visiting the GoFundMe page

All funds raised will be used to set up Mind Wellness Hubs in villages and towns throughout Fiji.

This project is called Bula Vakasaama. Watch the interview with Breakfast at Fiji One

Vakasama translates as Mind.

Every dollar will help facilitate mind wellness and healing for the people of Fiji.

The people of Fiji are known for their beautiful smiles and unconditional friendliness. They greet the world with Bula Vinaka and it’s now time that they are given an opportunity to say Bulabula ni Vakasaama.

Your generosity is most appreciated 🙏

Vinaka Vakalevu 🙏 💚

Princess R Lakshman

Author l Speaker l Clinical Nutritionist l Counsellor l Life Coach l Narrative Therapist

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