The Healing Experience of Decluttering

written by Princess R. Lakshman

Your home is meant to be a peaceful abode where there is light, love, laughter, abundance, and peace. If there are at least one of these things currently not being experienced in your home, it is time to declutter.

Decluttering is a healing experience in more ways than one. Often we hang on to objects the same way we hang on to memories. Just like not all memories are pleasant and need to be processed and let go of, objects too can create clutter and block the flow of light in your living spaces and need to be let go of. 

Decluttering will help you in letting go of old patterns and detach from stagnant energy. It will create spaces where fresh air will better flow and light will begin to shine upon spaces that once were trapped in darkness. 

The thought of decluttering may be overwhelming. But you will feel so much better afterwards. Start with small, baby steps. Maybe one room, Or one chest of drawers, Or even just a single drawer. Begin somewhere…anywhere. Here are some popular methods to help you start.

5 Popular Decluttering Methods
Method Watch for inspiration
KonMari – Marie Kondo’s methodical approach to “sparking joy” in one’s life through keeping only what brings or sparks joy or else thanking and discarding what doesn’t.  




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Minimalist Game – the number of things you declutter corresponds to the day of the month. One item on the first day, two items on the second day, three on the third, and so on. It’s fun and playful for the whole family.  





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Four Box Method – Set up four boxes in a room and label them: Put away, Give away, Throw away, and Undecided. Place the clutter in the room into one of the four boxes. Then action each box according to the name.   





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One Method – Get rid of one thing every day. Simple. And builds a habit of decluttering. Gift one item to someone every day.   




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Packing Party – Have some friends over and pack everything you own into boxes as if you were moving. Throughout the next few months, only take what you need to use. After three months, items left inside the boxes can be sold or donated.  




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Always remember, you are not your experiences. You are the FORCE that overcomes them.

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