Silence…the first step towards awareness

written by Princess R. Lakshman

We often voice our supplications to ALLAH, but rarely do we practise silence to hear HIS answers to our questions because we are caught up in reacting to circumstances. 

We behave similarly with other people as well. Have you noticed how we talk more and listen less? We sometimes ask people how they are, however, we do not spend time in silence to listen to their response. We either walk right past them or busy ourselves with other chores or we start talking about ourselves. Sometimes, when another person is speaking, instead of listening to them attentively, we start formulating a reply to their words to make a point. 

Practising daily moments of silence can calm us and make us attentive to people and things around us. Silence does not mean we need to be away from the noise. It means that even in the midst of noise we are still able to hear and listen to our inner voice and keep calm.

30-seconds of Daily Practice of Silence 

  1. After Fajr Salah, DO NOT GO BACK TO BED. 
  2. Sit in silence on your prayer mat or go outside in nature
  3. Straighten your back and let your upper body feel tall
  4. Breathe in slowly and deeply, so that you feel your belly expanding
  5. Hold for a few seconds
  6. Breathe out slowly
  7. Repeat for 10 long, deep breaths in and 10 long, deep breaths out

Women, generally, are shallow breathers. Repeating long, deep in-breaths and out-breaths supplies oxygen to all the organs in your body. This abundant supply of oxygen energises your mind and calms your nervous system. 

Practising moments of silence, whether for 30 seconds or 30 minutes a day will transform your physical, emotional and mental health. Do try it.

Find Clarity with Silence

If there is an issue that is bothering you, ask ALLAH’s guidance to find answers to your questions. With each in-breath and out-breath, submit to ALLAH’s wisdom and HIS PLANS for you. Let go.

Total submission to ALLAH will enable you to feel calm and joyful. It will bring clarity to your mind and enable you to make decisions mindfully. In doing so, you will live a life of love, compassion, kindness and service to all of ALLAH’s creation, including yourself.

Always remember, you are not your experiences. You are the FORCE that overcomes them.

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Photo by Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash

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  1. Naima Iftikhar

    This was the message I was seeking for today – will definitely try this InshaAllah. Will practice silence more InshaAllah. Jazakallahu khaira for sharing this beautiful article with a powerful message for building wisdom and clarity. May Allah Swt reward your kind efforts Ameen

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