How I Conquered My Emotional Eating Triggers with Heart, Not Will Power

IMG_20200824_115337_784Since the age of 5, I have struggled with emotional eating. Now, 40 years later, I’ve truly understood that overcoming the emotional eating triggers in my life was a slow, steady process that involved heart and immense love for self and others.

The picture on the left (then 93 kgs) was taken 9 months ago, at a conference in Toowoomba last year. The picture on the right was taken this morning (77 kgs).

Nine months ago, my body was suffering from elevated inflammation levels, insulin resistance, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, breathlessness, fatigue, fatty liver, to name a few symptoms. And emotionally, I battled with stress.

Some may say that weight loss requires Will Power. I disagree.

When it comes to managing and overcoming Emotional Eating, I had to work through all the emotions that I was feeding with unhealthy food and lifestyle habits.

I had to have a heart to heart chat with myself. I had to break down and cry my heart out. I had to heal my heart. I had to love my heart and listen to it and follow it. Really, truly follow it. And flow with my heart’s knowing of why I was created.

My heart to heart with self helped me love my body, be grateful for my body and its functions, love my food, my beverage, my physical activities, my soul-nourishing self-care activities…

The result of that heart to heart chat with myself is that today I am 16 kilos lighter. Healing my heart meant healing all those emotions that I was incorrectly feeding and inflaming.

Those who know me personally and professionally know that I use my lived experiences when I am of service to others through counselling and life coaching.

In 2 weeks I will be a graduate Clinical Nutritionist. In shaa Allah.
I hope to be of service and help anyone struggling with emotional eating. Weight loss may happen with Will Power, however, sustained weight release, both emotional and physical, only comes from the healing of one’s heart.

Princess R. Lakshman

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